Brand Story

Bear・Born to live in Hong Kong

Founded in March 2006, it was officially listed on the market on August 23, 2019. Bear Home Appliances/Small Appliances are practical, multi-functional, simple, fashionable and exquisite. They can be placed in every corner of your home and can also become part of the decoration, creating a kind of lifestyle. These features make Bear the preferred choice for small households and single men/women in Hong Kong when purchasing small appliances.


Bear is people-oriented. From kitchen to household appliances, Bear products meet all kinds of needs in your life. For those who are busy and have requirements for quality of life, it is definitely a must-have at home.

Happiness is just that simple!
Bear gives you a little sweetness & happiness in your daily life. Whether it's a slice of crunchy toast on a busy morning, a refreshing juice on a summer afternoon, or a warm floral fruit tea before bed on a winter day, Bear can fulfil your tasty wishlist. Bear brings a moment of tranquility and elegance to the busy life of Hong Kong people, so as to heal your body mind spirit.


Bear・Joy on the Dining Table
You don't need a big kitchen. You don't need to be skilled in cooking. All you need are just a small dining table and Bear small kitchen appliances. Bear makes cooking simple that everyone can experience the fun of cooking.